I joined Agence France-Presse in Washington, D.C. in 2008 as a text editor on the Americas desk, then moved with AFP in 2012 to Hong Kong where I later joined the Asia-Pacific photo desk.

In 2015 I transferred to the Delhi bureau; since 2017 I’ve been chief of AFP's South Asia photo desk.

● City University, London Newspaper Journalism

● University of Pittsburgh Politics/History 

● Sussex University American Studies 

● Swindon College

● Greendown School

● Windmill Hill


● 1983 Swindon England


Freelance/intern/other things:

Triple Threat Television (NYC), Honduras This Week (Tegucigalpa), Santiago Times (Chile)

The Observer (London), The Times (London), Evening Standard (London), Nottingham Evening Post, Worthing Herald, The Argus (Brighton)

The Pitt News (University of Pittsburgh), The Badger (Sussex University), Evening Advertiser (Swindon), Link Magazine (West Swindon)

Woolworths, Hilton Hotel, cafes, box factory, Cineworld cinema, Blockbuster Video

When I was taking more pictures here is some places they were featured.